Airline the First to Offer ‘Women-Only Seats’

Air India has become the first Airline in the world to offer women-only seating on board their planes.  These seats will be 6 seats reserved on the third economy row, specifically for solo female travellers to use.  An official from Air India says the new seating arrangements will “give female passengers more choice and comfort”.

Although the airline claim these new seats are nothing to do with alleged groping incidents on their planes, the change comes relatively quickly after a woman flying from Mumbai to New York claimed she woke up after being groped by a man who moved to an empty seat next to her.  Not long after, a female flight attendant alleged she was molested and subjected to vulgar language by a male passenger.

The seats will be offered at no extra cost, and can be requested up to an hour before check-in closes.  At the moment, you can only find the female-only row of seats on domestic flights, however, the airline may add them to international flights after seeing how effective they are.  It will be interesting to see if other airlines follow suit and introduce their own ‘female only’ seating and whether there is a demand for this service from solo female passengers.